In the Consulting Phase, we conduct a series of sessions with each client to identify their needs and priorities and assist them in achieving their goals.

Program Management


The Program Management Phase consists of a series of sessions discussing, understanding and planning the usage and functionality of the client's space. This will aide in the design-assist process when working with the architect/engineer design professionals. 

Pre-Construction Services


In the Pre-Construction Phase, we aid in the design-assist process, prepare construction documents for bidding and permitting, and support the owner in obtaining the overall pricing of the project.



The Design-Build aspect of the project is where we work in conjunction with the design professionals to form a single entity that produces construction documents  for permitting, bidding and building.



Scheduling is the process in which we plan the life cycle of the project from start to finish. We use the schedule to list the activities of the project, it's duration, the start and finish of each activity and most importantly, the critical path, which is the life line of each project. 

Project Management


During the Project Management Phase, we carefully implement a strategy that identifies long-lead items, minimizes project bottlenecks, reduces costly change orders and shortens the submittal approval process.